SCORE! Dometic RM2310 RV Refrigerator

20150813_104011Last week I was at an architectural salvage place, and someone had just dropped off a Dometic RM2310 3-way (propane, 110v, 12v) refrigerator.

I plugged it into a power outlet and… it works!

Evidently the original owner, an older guy, had actually returned the day before to bring in some additional things for the fridge that he hadn’t been able to find when he dropped it off (original receipt, schematics, operating manual, etc.), so I’m guessing it was well taken care of.

My dad just paid $1,000 for a new Dometic fridge for his camper-van, so $25 for mine seems pretty darn good! Yahoo!

It even has a groovy, padded, off-white vinyl front, which I think we may keep!

With my extreme love of cooking, I was originally planning for a larger fridge and will still likely end up with one in the future, but this is a great way to at least start out with a solid, propane powered RV fridge for almost no money.

Boondocking here we come!


5 thoughts on “SCORE! Dometic RM2310 RV Refrigerator

  1. So all in all I’m assuming that you looked into the advantages and disadvantages of the Dometic RM2310 – would appreciate hearing about your findings and conclusions. Thanks

  2. I actually didn’t do much research into it after finding it (gift horse in the mouth and all that), but I’ve been using is since I found it in 2015, and I’ve never had an issue. I run it regularly on both propane and 120v, and a couple of times I’ve run it on 12v while traveling (but I usually run it on propane now while rolling down the road).

    I did clean the stack one time, and I also added a 2.5″ computer fan to the inside to help with circulation (mounted it on the fins in the back). I’ve got those “ice ball” molds for my Bourbon, and they work great in this unit’s freezer.

    1. You might be asking the question because the new compressor fridge’s are getting better? I haven’t used a 12v compressor fridge yet, but they are definitely on my radar. I don’t have enough of a solar array yet to forego the advantages of a fridge that runs on propane (I boondock almost exclusively).

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