Using a Kitchen Sink for a Shower Pan

Kitchen Sink as Airstream Shower PanI’ve been thinking about using a utility sink (often referred to as a “slop sink” or “mop sink”) for our Airstream’s shower pan.  I was at an architectural salvage place last week, and they had a high-end, black kitchen sink.  PERFECT.  It looks cool.  It’s very sturdy.  And it’s a single basin with a kind of “step” for dishes that will now be an actual step!

There are two holes (faucet and soap dispenser) that will either get plugged, or maybe I’ll actually run copper pipe through the holes as part of the shower design.

This “designer” sink obviously looks waaaay better than a plastic slop sink, even though it weighs a bit more (though, that comes with being much more durable than thin plastic).  I think having a shallower sink (vs. a utility sink) will be better too.  It’s still deep enough for a kid to take a bath, but it won’t be such a pain to climb in.

3 thoughts on “Using a Kitchen Sink for a Shower Pan

  1. I ended up finding a brand-new, full-size Airstream enclosure on Craigslist, so I never ended up doing it… but I still think it’s a good idea! :-D

  2. My only original worry (outside of making sure to reinforce the bottom and sides correctly), was the joint at the walls. With an actual “slop sink” I was going to run the wall lining down *into* the basin (so all water runs down into the sink). With this fancier sink, there is a ledge, so one would need to create a seal between the wall and that ledge to insure that the water runs into the sink. Unfortunately that leaves more room for failure in the form of leaks and a wet floor where you can’t see it. The other option is to build a thicker wall that actually sits on the sink ledge, so that the wall lining can still run into the basin.

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